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Canberra Visuals are the varying media industry pioneers with broad involvement in assembling, configuration and usage of sound/visual, video meeting frameworks and I-AMP instigation circle frameworks. Audio visual installations Canberra are the pro listening to producer and the main varying media mix organization with all the most recent electronic A/V building and establishment administrations including Hearing Loop Testing, Loop Design, Digital signage, AV Solutions and Technical Call-Out administrations.

Canberra Visuals likewise give the most recent in theater sound, video, meeting room video conferencing, projectors, LED, LCD, Plasma, Litepro, Sony Projectors, Amplifiers, Speakers, Control Systems, Extron, Cube Wall and Mics.

We intend to give the biggest scope of value musical instruments, most reduced costs and abnormal amounts of client administration amid and after your buy. The capacity to be heard and seen plainly is vital while facilitating extensive occasions that have a group. Whether it is a meeting, corporate occasion, school capacity, organize or donning occasion, with regards to sound and video gear we got you secured.

All things considered we as a whole spend more than 3 hours for every day (that is around a month consistently!) staring at the TV – so mounting it effectively and in the right spot is important. Putting a TV on the divider may appear like a basic procedure yet there are more approaches to mount your level screen TV than there are menu decisions at McDonalds!

At Home theatres Canberra, we have TV mounting alternatives for extreme spaces and shrouded spaces. We have mechanized alternatives, swivel mounts, low profile mounts and notwithstanding roof mounts. Truly the potential outcomes are inestimable so in the event that you have a TV that should be hung, call us at Canberra Communications for a commitment free examination about the conceivable outcomes at your place.

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